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Singularity Spectre 2.0 white offers an optimized design for maximum compatibility, cable management integration, built-in liquid cooling reservoir, pump top, pomp cover and half of the loop, dedicated LED strip position, and more

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Introducing Spectre 2.0:

Vertical GPU Mount now included.
40% more fluid flow inside the manifold.
Stronger, lighter manifold design.
60% fewer manifold fasteners for a cleaner manifold.
Cable routing tweaks for all components.
New ventilation design on front and top panels.
Front I/O Removed. Power Button Only for a cleaner build.
Streamlined 8pin EPS, 4pin ATX Cable Routing with a more direct route.
Smaller more streamlined rear cable cover.
Spectre Elite Kit add-on is now available, adding two more manifolds.
The first commercially available case with an integrated manifold, designed exclusively for liquid cooling
Integrated cable management channels and cable combs, just clip in your cables.
Significant cost savings due to the integration of the reservoir, pump top, pump cover, roughly half of the water-cooling loop, and cable management. Vastly reduced build times.
Modder friendly, no rivets, low component count, easy to assemble and disassemble. Easy to paint and modify aluminum components.
Large radiator capacity, double that of the typical mid-tower case. 2x 360mm radiators 60mm thickness and thicker is possible.
Incredible possibilities for lighting. The entire manifold glows with the addition of a single LED Strip in the integrated 30cm LED Strip position.
Designed for maximum compatibility with a wide range of liquid cooling components.
Supports multi GPU configurations.
Flat packs for shipping to a small size.
Maximum compatibility specifically for high-end components. Enormous GPU and PSU length capabilities


Spectre is the first commercially available case with both water-cooling and full cable management integration. For over a decade Singularity Computers has been building high-end custom water-cooled PCs, Spectre is the result of our experience. The goal was to create the first chassis with liquid cooling and cable management integration to increase the accessibility of liquid cooling and reduce build times. We created the first case with an integrated Reservoir, Pump Top, Pump Cover, half of the cooling loop and cable management channels. This means that you do not have to purchase these components or install them which reduces costs and particularly build time. There is no need to spend hours trying to perfect your cable management, just clip your cables into the integrated cable combs within minutes. Fill and drain ports are also integrated to simplify filling and draining your loop. At Singularity Computers, integration does not mean reducing options and compatibility. We used a design process involving our experience and statistics, to create the perfect layout for the loop and cable routing for the case, for maximum compatibility with high-end components.

Manufacturing Process

All parts are carved from a solid block of material on a CNC Machine. This manufacturing process is the most precise and the highest quality possible for a PC Case. The materials are thick and strong, everything is over-engineered. The aluminum is 6061 and anodized or powder-coated, and the acrylic is clear cast. The fasteners are all stainless steel. The posts at the rear of the case are created from stainless steel on a CNC Lathe. We use gaskets instead of o-rings to increase durability and lifespan. Spectre after over 2 years has a warranty record with only a single part replacement required up to date.

Specifications & Compatibility:

Form Factor: EATX (Up to 305mm x 277mm).
Case Form Factor: Mid Tower.
Case Dimensions: H 556mm. W 535mm. D 304mm.
Weight: 12kg Total, Manifold: 8kg.
Package Size: 650x650x150mm (Flat packed with manifold assembled).
Expansion Slots: x7.
Storage: 2.5″ x3, 3.5″ None.
Radiator Top: 360mm 60mm Thickness Maximum (unless fans mounted externally).
Radiator Front: 360mm 60mm Thickness Maximum (unless fans mounted externally.
Maximum GPU Length: 500mm.
Maximum GPU Height: Unlimited for Single GPU Configurations: 2 Slot for Dual GPUs (Including both standard and vertical orientations).
Maximum GPU Width: 150mm.
Maximum PSU Length: 280mm.
Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 150mm
Front Panel I/O: Vandal Switch Power Button Only
Fittings compatibility: G1/4″ BSPP Standard.
Pump compatibility: Any D5 Pump. (Pump Not Included).
Cables: Cable Combs designed for 4mm sleeved cables. (Stock cables can be used and other sizes but not with a perfect tight fit).
Cable Lengths: There is plenty of space for excess cable length under the PSU shroud.
Fittings: 16 OD
Vertical GPU Mount: x1 Included With Ribbon Cable. (Second can be purchased separately for dual GPUs).
Aquearo 6 LT Mount: Optional Free Of Charge (Select option during purchase)
Lighting: Integrated 30cm LED Strip Position under the top panel.
Materials: 6061 Alloy, Acrylic, Stainless Steel.
Manufacturing Process: CNC Router, CNC Mill, CNC Lathe.



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