The products that are bought through website benefits from the custom warranty of every brand. In the case of CaseLabs products, the warranty is not offered anymore due to CaseLabs shutting down the business.

Apple Products Warranty:

We offer a 6-month warranty when our engineers do the replacement, proving our confidence in the product, and in the technicians, we have on our team. 

  • the warranty covers any repaired or replaced product that malfunction or do not work as intended;
  • warranty is limited to the products you purchase from;
  • warranty is not transferable and it’s valid only for the initial repaired device and the original customer;
  • warranty does not cover broken front glass or touchscreen;
  • warranty does not cover damaged flex connectors generated by faulty installation;
  • warranty does not cover any damage to the product or the device in case of the customer’s faulty/defective install procedure;
  • warranty is void if the device shows signs of additional repair attempt after being serviced by;
  • warranty does not cover any data loss occurring as a result of the repair – customers are advised to perform a full backup of data before the repair attempt.

All displays that we sent to the customers are tested and video recorded before shipping so the customer can see what they purchase. All the packages are sealed, by and have a serial number attached to the product.