Singularity Computers Reservoir Mount Ethereal Dual


With Ethereal Dual you can take it even further and mount two Reservoir and Pump configurations side by side onto a radiator with fans.

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This is a revolutionary and unique component that allows for configurations that have never before been possible. These mounts allow for a Reservoir, Pump, Radiator, and Fans to be combined into a single clean unit. With Ethereal Dual you can take it even further and mount two Reservoir and Pump configurations side by side onto a radiator with fans. Being able to combine components like this allows you to fit more components and create a far cleaner build.


The design is extremely versatile and can be used with almost every water-cooling component brand on the market. It can be used in countless different ways. The limits are up to your imagination.


Singularity Computers Reservoir Mounts are built using the most high-quality manufacturing process possible. They are carved from a solid block of alloy on a 4-axis CNC mill, they are Billet Alloy. This product was built for true enthusiasts who put great importance on perfection.


All SC Reservoir Mounts fit any 60mm reservoir which includes EK, Bitspower, Alphacool, FrozenQ, and more. They can be mounted to any 120mm through to 480mm radiator, or with the 140mm Backplate (purchased separately) they can be mounted to any 140mm through to 560mm radiator. They can be mounted to any 120mm or 140mm fan mounting position. They can be mounted with or without fans on the radiator. They can also be mounted directly to a case panel. Any pump top, pump mods and pump in combination with any 60mm reservoir can also be used. They can even be used in combination with Bitspower and EK pump mounting systems. A lot more could be added here but I will leave it up to you to experiment and open up new possibilities.

Do I need one or two mounts?

If you are using Ethereal then in most situations you are going to need two reservoir mounts. Protium pump and reservoir combinations have two other mounting systems which can be used in combination with a single reservoir mount. So if you are using Protium and you want to use one of the other mounting options we have available, you will only need a single reservoir mount.

Core is different, (being a dual clamp mount) one can be used to mount a Protium 100mm or 200mm Reservoir. It is recommended to use two reservoir mounts for anything above Protium 200mm, even if you are using Core.

Core can be used as a single mount for reservoirs up to 200mm (recommended). It has been safely tested with reservoir tubes up to 400mm.

Ethereal Dual Included Items:

Mount: Main Mount, Wedge Clamp, 120mm Backplate. Bolts Stainless Zinc Plated: M4 10mm Countersunk x4, M4 20mm Socket Head: x2.

Weight: 0.144 kg

Dimensions: 20.5 × 2.5 × 15 cm


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