About us

Punkt NET is an experienced and active company founded in 2005 in Romania with offices in Bucharest and Pitesti. Punkt NET Pitesti, the company responsible for  CaseLabs exclusive distribution segment in Europe, is one of the top distributors of Kaspersky Labs antivirus solutions in Romania and is a part of Punkt NET group of companies.

Punkt NET separates itself from other online stores through extraordinary client support, low prices and stock products. The quality of our service represent our image and our respect for every customer.

Punkt NET is working hard to develop the best user interface for it's online stores so the clients have the best possible user experiences. Right now we are in process of developing all our websites:


So we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience till we manage to have everything up and running as it should be.

Company name: Punkt NET
Address: Republicii, 65, Pitesti, Arges, Romania, 110014
Registration number: J03/1489/2005 
VAT number: RO17861404

For any information, request or complain, please don't hesitate to contact us at office@punktnet.ro

Have a perfect day no matter where you are!
on behalf of Punkt NET team.