-10% Spectre 2.0 Elite Kit - Side Manifold Black

The Spectre Elite Kit side manifold is designed to integrate more of the loop into the case and clean up your tube runs. It mounts onto a custom Rear IO Panel which comes with the manifold. The side manifold can be used with or without the vertical GPU mount, it is compatible both ways.


This Manifold was designed for standard width GPUs with the full water-block width of 140mm. EKs standard water-block full width is 128mm and if you remove the ports side cover it is 124mm. There is a margin before the GPU water-block ports reach the manifolds height so it is possible for wider GPUs to fit. Nothing is impossible, but use wider GPUs at your own risk.

Port alignment for the GPUs is for EKs current standard GPU water-block port positions. We recommend using EK standard water-blocks with this manifold. Water-blocks for non standard PCB GPUs and other brands can be used but the ports may not align exactly which means using more fittings.

Weight: 1 kg

Dimensions: 500 × 250 × 150 mm

Color: Black

Spectre 2.0 Elite Kit - Side Manifold Black

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