-15% Spectre 2.0 Elite Kit - Front Manifold Black

The Spectre Elite Kit Front Manifold mounts onto the front panel of Spectre without removing the front 360mm radiator position. There is still plenty of ventilation around the entire perimeter of the manifold for the front radiator and fans. Connections can be made above the front 360mm radiator (extra fittings are required). This manifold does not really serve a functional purpose, it is mostly for aesthetics.

Compatibility: Extra fittings will be needed to route your loop up and over the top of the front 360mm radiator. Normally we use the following: 90 Degree Single Rotary: x2. 90 Degree Dual Rotary: x2. Extension Fittings: 20mm x2, 30mm x2.

Weight: 2 kg

Dimensions: 600 × 300 × 100 mm

Color: Black

Spectre 2.0 Elite Kit - Front Manifold Black

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