-10% Singularity Computers Protium 150 D5/Reservoir Combo Acrylic (With Pump)


Protium is a set of components for creating pump and reservoir combinations which increases performance, mounting options, flow inlet/outlet options and will be a feature in your build. We set out to create the most minimalistic and compact components, but at the same time providing the most options and compatibility. Our components are refined in ways only possible due to our 15 years of experience in liquid cooling. Each component is carved from a solid block of material on a CNC mill. Creating our different finishes, frosted and polished acrylic is unique and takes a lot of effort to manufacture. Protium is designed for enthusiasts who want to enjoy building systems with the freedom to create something individual.

Acrylic Surface Protection now included with all Protium Polished Acrylic products which greatly increases strength, chemical resistance and lifespan.

Unmatched quality and versatility. 8 Ports at 90 degrees and full 270 degree rotation so that you can mount to face three different directions. 360 degree rotation for the reservoir cap. Spare ports for temperatures sensors, fill and drain. This Reservoir/D5 combo comes with our Universal 120/140 Back Plate which means that it can be directly mounted to any 120mm or 140mm wide radiator without any other mount being needed. We wanted to create more options for customers who are still looking for Singularity Computers premium quality and versatility, but don’t need all of the components which come included with our Protium Reservoir/D5 Ultimate Combos. This version also includes the Protium D5 PWM Pump which comes with custom black sleeved cables and black connectors.


Vastly increases loop design options.

Inlet/outlet positions at 90 degrees for a cleaner loop.

Caps can be rotated to face any direction.

O-ring surfaces do not rotate on the o-ring.

CNC milled Acrylic or Acetyl from a solid block.

CNC lathed aluminum retention rings.

8 ports, 1 outlet, 7 inlets.

3mm LED mounting position in polished acrylic version.

16mm hardline compression fittings fit side by side and on all ports directly.

Can be used with any D5 pump.

Compatible with all D5 pumps including Aquacomputer Aquabus and D5 Next.

Direct to radiator mounting and infinite mounting options with optional components and built in M4 threads on three sides of the pump top for multi directional mounting.


D5 PWM Pump.

Reservoir Tube: 150mm x 60mm With External Thread.

Reservoir Cap: Triple Port (Polished Acrylic Or Acetal).

Reservoir Retention Ring: Aluminum Black.

Reservoir Inlet Tube: Acrylic with G1/4” BSPP Thread.

D5 Pump Top: Outlets x1. Inlets x4. (Polished Acrylic Or Acetal)

D5 Pump Cover: Aluminum Black.

Mount: Universal 120/140mm Back Plate Aluminum Black.

Stop Fittings: x5 Brass with Black Powder coat M5 Hex and SC Logo.

O-Rings: Clear Silicon Custom.

Fasteners: Black Carbon Steel M4x8mm Button Head Black and M4 Washers.

Package Dimensions:

Product Dimensions(Full assembly, For SC Stop fitting add 5mm to height):

Without Backplate – 240 height x 75mm width x 75 length

With Backplate – 240 height x 135mm width x 75 length

Total Ports: x7. Outlets: x1. Inlets: x6.

Manufacturing Process: Materials CNC Machined from a solid block.

Materials: Cast Acrylic, Acetal (POM), 6061 Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel.

Included Items:

Protium D5 PWM Pump (Cables Black Sleeved & Black Connectors).

Protium 150mm Reservoir Tube.

Protium Triple Port Cap (Polished Acrylic Or Acetal).

Protium Reservoir Retention Ring Black.

Protium Inlet Tube.

Protium D5 Pump Top (Polished Acrylic Or Acetal).

New Revision 2 Protium D5 Pump Top:

Perfection is something which can never be achieved and so above all things we believe in progress. We are now up to revision 42 of our pump top as we have been slowly trying to perfect it over the years. After hundreds of small but important changes, we have now decided it is time to announce our new version. Revisions include flow and performance optimizations, thickening and strengthening. We have also improved our manufacturing process, precision and our surface finishes, specifically our polished acrylic which is now truly crystal clear.

Protium D5 Pump Cover Black.

Universal 120/140 Back Plate Black.

Stop Fittings x5.

Protium Reservoir O-ring x2.

Protium D5 O-ring.

M4 Button Head Black 8mm Hex x2.

M4 Washers Black x8.


This product is specifically designed to be mounted directly to a 120mm radiator. 140mm interchangeable back plates are also available separately. It can be mounted directly onto the radiator or with the fans in between. It can also be mounted to an empty radiator position, fan mounting position, any case panel, etc. It has 7 ports, 6 inlets and one outlet. Any of the inlets can be used, they can also be used as accessory positions for a drain port, temperature sensors etc.

Experience Singularity:

We have built high end liquid cooled systems every day for a decade and so our designs come from hands on experience. What comes first in our products is versatility, quality and aesthetics. When you are building you need as many options as possible. We have designed a range of products with the versatility to give you the freedom to create your own unique ideas. We do not hold back on quality to save cost, our focus is premium, high end components. All of our products are precision machined from a solid block of the most high quality materials. Our aesthetics are derived from function, clean and neutral to fit your ideas and theme.

Weight: 0.8 kg

Dimensions: 28.5 × 10.5 × 10 cm

Singularity Computers Protium 150 D5/Reservoir Combo Acrylic (With Pump)

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