-25% Singularity Computers Spectrum RGB/UV Rigid 30cm LED Strip

A high end extremely bright rigid 30cm LED strip which has RGB LEDs and a separate dedicated set of UV LEDs. Both sets of LEDs connect directly to your motherboard via included 50cm extension cables. The cables split at the LED strip, there is one cable for the RGB and a separate cable for the UV. The RGB connects via a standard 4 pin RGB connector and has a male and female option included for compatibility with any motherboard RGB headers and most RGB controllers. The UV connects via 3 pin fan to any fan header on any motherboard, fan controller or fan splitter. The extension cables are separate to the LED strip and connect to it via a 4pin fan header for the RGB and a 3pin fan header for the UV. The cables are properly sleeved with high end black sleeve and heat shrink.

Both LEDs can be switched on at the same time. Using this feature you can create enhanced colors and effects. For example if the RGB LEDs are set to UV and the dedicated UV you can create a very strong UV reaction. You can also have RGB and a UV glow at the same time and depending on the color the UV glow will appear and then disappear again as the RGB cycles through the colors. You can experiment to achieve your desired effect using a combination of both LED arrays. You can also switch off one set of LEDs using your motherboard BIOS settings or software (see your motherboard manual). Most motherboards give you the ability to enable and disable both RGB and fan headers, so you can use this to switch between the two LED options. Alternatively if you are only interested in either RGB or UV you can just leave one disconnected.

Spectrum comes included with x3 strong 3M adhesive strips designed to stick onto any surface.

Included Items:

Spectrum RGB/UV Rigid 30cm LED Strip.

3M Adhesive Strips x3.

RGB Extension Cable 50cm.

RGB Male/Female Adapter.

UV 3 pin Fan Extension Cable 50cm.

Weight: 0.1 kg

Dimensions: 30 × 0.6 × 0.4 cm

Singularity Computers Spectrum RGB/UV Rigid 30cm LED Strip

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