Reddish S5 Custom

One of the most amazing thing about building this incredible machine is the part when you start testing and using it. Having two of the first EVGA GTX 1080 Founders Edition released, in SLI, feels like there is nothing that could stop you from gaming. The absolutely perfect Intel 6900K overclocked for daily usage at 4.4 GHz using the most brilliant X99M micro ATX motherboard on the market is just screaming beast! Having the Samsung 950 PRO as the boot drive it just raise this build to the ultimate level. And the memory....the memory is just DOMINATOR....32GB at 2800MHz. All of this powered by a Platinum EVGA 1200W power supply. There are so many things to say and so many things to discover if you plan on push this beats to it's limits.... For all enthusiast people out there who have questions or just suggestions about this amazing build, please feel free to use our contact form and start a discussion with us.

Below you will find a list with almost every component used to create this Reddish computer:

2 x EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, 8192 MB GDDR5X

1 x Intel Core i7-6900K 3,7 GHz (clocked @ 4.4 GHz) (Broadwell-E) Sockel 2011-V3 - boxed

1 x Samsung MZ-V5P256BW 950 Pro Solid State Drive - 256GB


1 x Western Digital WD30EFRX - 3TB RED

1 x EVGA 220-P2-1200-X2 PC - Black - Power Supply

1 x ASRock X99M Killer/3.1

1 x Corsair CMD32GX4M4A2800C16 Dominator Platinum 32 GB (4 x 8GB)

1 x Caselabs MERCURY S5 - Full glass windows and top

1 x Pedestal Mercury S5

1 x 120.2 Flex Bay ventilated radiator mount

2 x 120.3 (360) Drop-in Radiator Side Mount - S5

8 x Noiseblocker BlackSilent Pro Fan PL2 - 120mm

1 x Caster kit

1 x EVGA Pro V2 SLI-Bridge (3-Way/2-Way) - 40+40 mm

1 x Aqua computer farbwerk USB, Bluetooth und aquabus Variante

1 x Aqua computer aqualis Basis f. Pumpenadapter 450 ml, H2O-Effekt, Nano

1 x Aqua computer Austauschfront für aquaero 5 und 6 XT - schwarz

1 x Aqua computer aquaero 6 XT - blau

1 x Aqua computer Druckausgleichsmembran für 1/4 Zoll, hoch

1 x Aqua computer Passivkühler für aquaero 6 - schwarz

1 c Aqua computer RGB-LED Strip, IP65, schwarz - 200 cm

4 x Aqua computer Anschlusskabel für IP65 RGB-LED Strips, schwarz, 70cm

1 x Aqua computer D5-Pumpe mit Aquabus Schnittstelle

1 x Aqua computer D5-Pumpenadapter für aqualis Basis

3 x Mayhems Ice Dragon Nano Fluid - 1000ml

1 x EK-CoolStream SE 120 (Slim Single)

4 x EK-HD Tube 10/12mm 500mm (2 pcs)

2 x EK-FC1080 GTX Backplate - Red

1 x EK-AF T-Splitter 3F G1/4 - Black

2 x EK-CoolStream PE 360 (Triple)

1 x EK-CoolStream SE 240 (Slim Dual)

2 x EK-FC1080 GTX - Acetal+Nickel

1 x EK-Supremacy EVO X99 - Nickel

2 x Bitspower Aqua-Pipe II (22-31mm) für AGBs - G1/4 Zoll, shiny black

2 x Bitspower 2xG1/4" Fillport Black Sparkle BP-BSWP-C04

6 x Bitspower Enhance 90-Degree Dual Multi-Link Adapter - Black Sparkle - BP-BSE90DML

6 x Bitspower Enhance 90-Degree Rotary Dual Multi-Link Adapter - Black Sparkle - BP-BSE90RML

9 x Bitspower G1/4 Enhance Multi-Link For OD 12MM - Black Sparkle - BP-BSEML

1 x Bitspower Valve / Kraan Black Sparkle BP-MVV-BK

1 x IceModz MDPCX custom cables

We hope that you see the quality of the products used and appreciate the time spent making this come true!

Reddish S5 Custom

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