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The Protium D5 Pump Cover Black holds the pump in position, makes the pump quieter and is an aesthetic feature.

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Protium is a set of components for creating pump and reservoir combinations that increase performance, mounting options, and flow inlet/outlet options and will be a feature in your build. We set out to create the most minimalistic and compact components, but at the same time providing the most options and compatibility. Our components are refined in ways only possible due to our 15 years of experience in liquid cooling. Each component is carved from a solid block of material in a CNC mill. Creating our different finishes, frosted and polished acrylic is unique and takes a lot of effort to manufacture. Protium is designed for enthusiasts who want to enjoy building systems with the freedom to create something individual.

Protium D5 Pump Cover:

The Protium D5 pump and reservoir combination has three parts, Reservoir, Pump Top, and Pump Cover. To create a combo only two parts are actually needed, just the Protium D5 pump top and any Protium Reservoir (this requires the use of the stock D5 retention ring).

The Protium D5 Pump Cover holds the pump in position, makes the pump quieter, and is an aesthetic feature. We have created a three-piece design allowing the pump to be installed first with the retention ring and then the cover to be added after, making installation easier. The rear cover plate has open slots allowing the cable to be threaded into the assembly without removing any connectors. This is a billet alloy component created on a CNC Lathe it has a sandblasted and anodized finish.


CNC milled billet alloy.

Just two components to create a full pump and reservoir combination.

Three color options: Black, Silver, and Black with Silver Rings.

Anodized for the most durable and high-end finish.

Machining after anodizing on the Black With Silver Rings version.

The three-piece design allows for easy installation.

No need to remove the connectors on the pump cables.

Anti-vibration foam is included in silencing the pump.

Creates an important aesthetic feature and a vast improvement over the stock plastic.

Included items:

Protium D5 Pump Cover includes three parts, Retention Ring, Cover, Back (anti-vibration foam included).

Create a Combo:

To create the Protium D5 Pump and Reservoir Combo you need:

Protium D5 Pump Top.

Protium D5 Pump Cover.

Protium Reservoir.

D5 Pump (Any Standalone D5 pump)


Pump top: H46 x W76 xL78mm (D5 Top Lid included)

Pump cover: H57 x W75 x L75mm.

D5 Pump Top and Cover combined: H90 x W76 x L76mm. (D5 Top Lid included)

D5 Pump & Reservoir Combos (Full assembly including Quad Port. For SC Stop fitting add 5mm):

100mm = 210mm

150mm = 260mm

200mm = 310mm

250mm = 360mm

Weight: 0.4 kg

Dimensions: 10 × 10 × 6 cm

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Black, Black & Silver, Silver


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