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Right of Access to Personal Data

You can request a report with all your personal data we store using the link below. You have to login first.

Personal Data Report Request

Right to be Forgotten

You can request removal of your personal data we store by clicking the link below. You have to login first.
IMPORTANT! Please bear in mind this process is equal to deleting your account, after completing it you will not be able to access your account anymore.

Personal Data Deletion Request

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At Prime Network the security and the confidentiality of the personal data of the users and of the clients are considered to be highly important. We understand your fear of disclosing your personal data and your wish to have control over these information.

Prime Network's policy regarding the collecting of personal information is necessary for contacting you and for the delivery of the legal documents regarding the orders placed on Prime Network’s websites. We request only the information we need for your bill and for your means of contact. We do not share these data to any third party company or person.

The anonymous users that access our websites
The visiting of website is free. The access to the information listed on this website is registration free. The information that we keep track of are related to the traffic and are anonymous. These kind of information are relevant only for statistics and expose the technical details like the type and the version of the browser you use, the time spent on every page of the website and so on. All these data are used for our statistics, not for identifying you.

Personal information gathered from the order form
When you buy a product from Prime Network’s websites, we ask you for the information we need for the bill and the processing of the transaction. These information are about you (as a contact person or physical person) and about the company you represent (for the bill). Here’s a list of the information we need at this time on Prime Network’s websites:
- For physical persons: e-mail, name and surname, address, city, state, zip code, telephone, fax (if any), web address (if any);
- For juridical persons: e-mail, name and surname, name of the company, fiscal code, registration number, name of the bank, IBAN, address, city, state, zip code, telephone, fax (if any), web address (if any).
- For e-payment Prime Network uses the e-payment service called This e-payment service can ask for more data about you and also about your credit or debit card. These information are not asked for Prime Network and they are not sent to us.
On top of the information asked you can subscribe or not to our newsletter. In case you subscribe, you agree to receive period information from Prime Network. If you don’t subscribe, our newsletter will not reach you.
We will not sell, rent or share your personal information to a third party. We will use these information only to contact you.

Prime Network’s security
Prime Network is very concerned with the security of its systems. Prime Network makes any necessary effort to ensure the safety of its own physical or digital systems. All Prime Network’s systems are password protected. The e-payment system offered by our partners is crypted and fulfills all the necessary conditions for e-payment. Prime Network doesn’t use bulk system for e-mail that allows the visualization of the e-mail addresses by all the subscribers, Prime Network uses an individual system that sends the information to each user.

Definition of third party
To clarify the identity of the third party, this party represents any physical or juridical entity that can work or not with Prime Network. Prime Network’s employees do not represent a third party and are limited through confidential agreement so that they cannot uncover confidential information stolen from the company about the company and about its clients. In case the employees share any information and you notice that, please contact us as soon as possible.

More information
For any question or information pleas contact us!