Flex-Bay 120.4 (480) Fan/Radiator Mount

Mount for four 120mm fans and/or one 480 radiator for the Flex-Bays (5.25 bays) in the front of the case. The mount is all aluminum and has a removable grill for easy fan installation. For fans up to 25mm thick with plenty of room for filters. Each corner has preinstalled anti-vibration grommets reduce vibration to the chassis. This mount uses 12 bays and is included with 14 thumbscrews for mounting.

Note: When installing a radiator, the radiator will extend past the mount in one direction. Please plan accordingly.

Note: Single Wide MAGNUM and TX10 Cases - This mount must be installed in the front chassis before the front chassis is installed.

Flex-Bay 120.4 (480) Fan/Radiator Mount

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