Flex-bay 5.25 Device Mount - Short Nonconforming

These are short 5.25'' Flex-Bay device mounts for NONCONFORMING devices. These mounts should ONLY be used if you have a device that requires these very specialized mounts. A nonconforming device would be one that is wider than the standard 5.25'' bay specification. Please note that the width of the faceplate on these devices does not determine the overall width of the device. The width is determined from the mounting points on the sides of the device. Uses 1 bay and is included with:

4 x 6-32 screws

4 x M3 screws

2 x thumbscrews

6 x ~.5mm thick shims

These mounts will be included with 6 shims (each shim is ~.5mm thick). The device needs to be shimmed out so that the overall width (with these mounts installed) is 152-153mm.

Please see the pictures below.

Flex-bay 5.25 Device Mount - Short Nonconforming

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