Accessory Mounts

Accessory Mounts

Accessory mounts for CaseLabs PC Cases allow you to mount pumps, reservoirs, and other items without drilling or cutting up the main panels of your case.

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STH10 Upper Mid-Plate - 120.3 fan holes

Replacement MAGNUM STH10 Chassis Sections. Feel free to cut, drill and replace chassis sections as n..

€ 39.95 Ex Tax: € 39.95

Bottom Accessory Mounts -Tubing Management - Black -  120.1 (single) (sold in pairs)

Bottom accessory mounts with tubing management provide a more solid surface to mount pumps too, but ..

€ 23.99 Ex Tax: € 23.99

Bottom Accessory Mounts 120 mm

The bottom accessory mounts are available in single, double, triple or quad sizes (referring to the ..

€ 12.99 Ex Tax: € 12.99

PSU Support Mount - MAGNUM - Reversed

This is a PSU support mount for the all MAGNUM case lines (M8,M10,MH10,T10,TH10(A),SMH10,STH10, SMA8..

€ 11.95 Ex Tax: € 11.95

PSU Support Mount - Merlin and Mercury

NOTE: The Mercury PSU Support Mount will not fit in any of the Mercury Pedestals. The MAGNUM PSU Sup..

€ 12.95 Ex Tax: € 12.95

Reservoir Mount - Double

Double Wide Reservoir Mount Could be use to  TH10A.Color- only black ..

€ 18.95 Ex Tax: € 18.95

Reservoir Mount - Single

Single Reservoir Mount for the the following cases;Important Please Read: All Single Wide MAGNUM Cas..

€ 15.99 Ex Tax: € 15.99

Single Wide MAGNUM "A" Revision 140.4 (560) Mount with 120.4 (480) Adapter Rails

The mount is a 140.4 (560) mount by default and includes 120.4 (480) adapter rails..

€ 35.00 Ex Tax: € 35.00

Single Wide Magnum Top Covers 39mm Extended Ventilated

Replacement 39mm top cover for MAGNUM case family. The 39mm top extended ventilated gives you t..

€ 79.95 Ex Tax: € 79.95

SMA8 Form Factor Conversion Kit -ATX to SSI-EEB

Product DescriptionConvert your SMA8 from ATX to SSI-EEB.Kit includes:1 Chassis Divider with MB Tray..

€ 139.95 Ex Tax: € 139.95

SMA8-A 13" Vertical Lighting Mount

2 piece kitThe heavy-duty vertical accessory mount provides a variety of ways to attach fans and oth..

€ 12.00 Ex Tax: € 12.00

SMA8-A 22.25" Horizontal Lighting Mount

The Horizontal Accessory Mount provides a custom mounting solution for every build. 4 thum..

€ 11.00 Ex Tax: € 11.00

SMA8-A RGB Luminous Mid-Plate Panel

The RGB Luminous Mid-Plate Panel puts on a very impressive lighting display, and was designed by Cha..

€ 199.00 Ex Tax: € 199.00