Sleeve Front Panel

Sleeve Front Panel

FP Sleeve:

MDPC FP Sleeve covers a diameter range from ~4.0 mm to ~13.0 mm. On short distances you can get it over objects of ~13.5 mm in diameter. 100% made in Germany at the MDPC-X Manufaktur, including all base-materials.

This size is used in situations, where our SATA Sleeve is slightly too big, e.g. for some internal Front-Panel cables (USB, Audio, etc.) inside computer systems. FP Sleeve is slightly smaller than SATA sleeve. FP Sleeve still gets over the 10-pin connectors, which are connected to the motherboard. FP Sleeve on ~13 mm outer-diameter tubes can also create spectacular results. Using this size in the overexpanded diameter range, you have almost unlimited other applications at hand, only limited by your inspiration and creativity.

As always with our highly flexible sleeving diameters, make sure to stretch the sleeving lengthwise to its maximum, when you fix the sleeving on the cable. This technique adds the legendary rigidity, cable-shape-control and spectacular look to the wire.

Sleeve FP (Front-Panel, slightly smaller than SATA)

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MDPC-X Sleeve Front Panel - Black 1m

MDPC Black: The timeless classic of MDPC, as dark as it gets.FP Sleeve:MDPC FP Sleeve covers a dia..

€ 1.14 Ex Tax: € 1.14

MDPC-X Sleeve Front Panel - Natural-White 1m

MDPC Natural-White: A pure white shade, neutral to cool, with a very natural appeal.FP Sleeve:MDPC ..

€ 1.14 Ex Tax: € 1.14

MDPC-X Sleeve Front Panel - Vanilla-Sands 1m

MDPC Vanilla-Sands: A very luxurious beige shade with a touch of vanilla.FP Sleeve:MDPC FP Sleeve c..

€ 1.14 Ex Tax: € 1.14